Marius Stanescu



Marius Stanescu started trading in 2007 with TeleTrade. Since then he was in a continuous journey of learning and self-growth. Marius Stanescu has created ATT from the need of filling a market gap of fully customizable Forex trading indicators, both for beginner and advanced professional Forex traders.

2007 - Part Time Forex Trading

First contact with Forex Market, thru Teletrade broker. I had 6 months of training on Forex Trading with professional trades at Teletrade.

2008- First job in Financial Market sector

I have started working as a broker for CapitalGroup, an investing firm in Bucharest.

2009-2018 trading on multiple Financial Markets

An excited period where I have traded most of the financial instruments on the market. I have traded, futures, options, binary options, Forex and stocks, both individually for personal account and both for proprietary trading firms.
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2018 - The idea of ATT is starting to come to life

The need of fully customizable Forex indicators and accessible to all traders, have created ATT Forex trading indicators.

2021 - Small Business Awards

ATT has received the Best Forex Indicators awards in 2021


Management - since 2007
Design - since 2018
Programming - since 2018
Forex Trading - since 2007



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