About us

We are a team of Forex traders and Meta Trader developers passionate to create the best trading indicators in the branch

The trader is studying financial charts and data on the screen, and appears to be deep in thought.
This logo is ideal for a company that offers cutting-edge tools and services for traders who are looking to gain an edge in the market.

Our company

ATT took birth from the need of having custom professional Forex trading indicators that can match the traders personality. Our top indicators are Market Profile, Volume Profile, Cumulative Delta and VWAP. These indicators are used by institutions for day trading.

Our values where created around traders needs:

  • best customer support
  • accessible prices
  • quality trading indicators

Our mission is to create the best professional Forex trading indicators in the market, for Meta Trader software, that will best suit the traders needs.

Why choose us

24/7 Customer support

Contact us on WhatsApp whenever you require support or expert advice – all at no extra cost.

Best prices on the market

No surprises or hidden costs. 100% safe transactions.

Top industry developers

We work together with our developers team to deliver the best results in regards to our Forex trading indicators.
This picture emphasizes the professionalism and credibility of the company, as well as its commitment to providing high-quality trading tools to its customers.
The charts show various currency pairs, with lines and bars representing different price movements and trends over time.

Our team

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