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Proprietary Trading

We definitely recommend The5%ers PROP FIRM for traders that are taking trading seriously, and do not necessarily have their own capital for trading.

  • PRO’s :
  • Low sing up fee
  • No monthly fee or other fees
  • Large time testing period to prove your strategy, up to 6 month
  • Relative small profit target, only 7% in 6 months
  • Draw down relative with your entry fee
  • UP TO 1.2 million trading account
  • Account doubling with every 10% profit target reached
  • Email alerts with if account exposure on danger
  • Two categories for different types of trading styles and traders budget
  • Hold trades over night and over weekend
  • No restrictions on market news

  • CON’s:
  • 50% split on profit

You can do some research on the following link: