Basic couse on Futures Contracts trading

Everything you need to know in order to start trading Futures on MT5 with AMP Global
Course Summary:

In this free course, I have put together some basic information about futures contracts trading, for traders who are interested on planning to make a step in to this world of trading, regardless the trading experience.

Here you will learn the basics of futures contracts and how you can start trading.

There are some valuable information on this course, because you can get an overview about who are the market participants and why they are using futures trading. You will learn about the roles of hedge funds, speculators, market makers or the role of other trading entities, like agricultural companies. Why an agricultural company is an important part of trading futures contracts.

Understanding the role of market participants should give you a perspective on how and why the markets are moving the way they are.

Please note that there is no trading strategies involved in this course. This course is just providing an insight over the futures contracts trading, for traders interested in futures trading.

I hope you will find helpful this free course, so that you can get a positive edge to your trading plans. If there are any questions, please feel free to write me.

I wish you all good luck!