Introduction to Market Profile / TPO

Everything you need to know in order to start trading using our Market Profile indicator
Course Summary:

In this course I put together information that I have learned in my last years of trading. It took me a lot of time and money to learn, so I know how important is to find all the information you need in one single course.

  • You will learn about Market Profile indicator and all that is needed to start trading with it.

  • You will get an overview of Market Profile structure, market participants and Market Auction Theory which are all very important.

  • You will understand how to set properly the indicator according to your trading instrument.

  • You will learn how to merge MP session and how to read chart price action based on MP.

  • You will get a BONUS of Volume Profile indicator short introduction.

For any questions regarding this course, or any other types of issues in using MP indicator, please join my advancedtradingtools Discord group.

I wish you all good luck!