Optimize your trading career

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Course Summary:

This course is inspired by my 15 years of experience in trading. After so many trials and errors, and after so many blown accounts, I have discovered that there is only one secret to successful trading. And that is 100% detachment from results-oriented thinking.

But how to do that, because of course, you can find dozens of books on this topic, but nothing practical, only theory.

Strategy Optimization Journal, or SOJ, is a trading journal that will keep you focused strictly on the process, and not on the results, and the best part is that it will optimize your trading strategy to best suit your personality, and not some guru personality that you have borrowed the strategy from what you have seen in social media. 

The SOJ concept and the course, are designed to make you a better trader in every way possible. It will adapt the trading strategy to your unique personality, because every person is different is so many ways. My winning strategy with a 1:3 risk to reward might be impossible for you, if you are not patient enough to stay longer in the trades.

But then, you can just reduce the RR to 1:2, wright? Not exactly, because the strategy will under perform if you will do that.

Starting from the saying – Give a man a fish and he will eat for one day, or teach the man to fish and he will eat the entire life – This course is going to teach you how to be profitable for a long-term career in trading.

Don’t stumble trading. Trade Safe!