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ATT Footprints(MT5)

62.50 / year

SKU: footprints-1

ATT Footprints is a unique tool on MT5 that is usually used only on professional trading platforms. Footprints are used by professional traders in order to see the volume of buyers on the ask and sellers on the bid, at certain prices. The main advantage of this indicator is that it’s not delayed, unlike most other indicators available for MT5. This way, traders can spot volume imbalances, developing an edge over the market.
This indicator only works for AMPGlobal exchange traded parities. It is not functional with tick data. You can use our referral link if you want to open an account with AMPglobal.


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For this indicator you will get 2 unique licences keys, according to your desired accounts. If necessary, you will get an additional activation after changing accounts or brokers (proof required). The licenses are available for 365 days.


*At the checkout page, please type in the ID number of the account that you will use with the indicators in “Order Notes”.


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