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ATT Clone Terminal (MT4)

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This is a very simple-to-use and install indicator on the market, with one single utility: copy trades. We have designed this indicator to do this job in the most simplistic possible way. Coping trades from one terminal to another with the help of this indicator is easier than ever.

This way, the focus of a trader can be on trading only on one terminal.

*With this indicator you can only copy trades from identical pairs. For example, you can only copy trades from EURUSD to EURUSD, or GBPUSD to GBPUSD. If you want to copy trades from some other pair name) to EURUSD, check out the PRO version


Fast thinking = Fast execution = Better results

For this indicator, you will get lifetime license to the necessary trading account on request.


*At the checkout page, please type in the ID number of the account that you will use with the indicators in “Order Notes”.


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