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We have developed a complex VWAP indicator where you can overlay simultaneously on the same chart multiple sessions of VWAP. With this feature you do not need to watch multiple charts on different screens and it is much easier to focus on price action according to VWAP.

There are numerous ways to design your indicator according to your preferences, because when we created this indicator, we thought about making trading an easier job.

The colors and types of each individual line is editable. Also there is one more new feature for MT4, which is color filling between SD lines.

Features :

  • Button on chart to hide/show VWAP
  • Manual input for deviation value
  • VWAP session overlay on same chart
  • Color filling between deviations
  • Complete customization for each deviation line
  • Multiple calculation periods (Manually, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily, Session Time)

*We recommend not to use any other expert advisors on the same chart with this indicator. It solicitates many resources and it is possible to have unwanted behavior from your experts.

Fast thinking = Fast execution = Better results

For this indicator you will get 2 unique licences keys, according to your desired accounts. If necessary, you will get an additional activation after changing accounts or brokers (proof required). The licenses are available for 365 days.



*At the checkout page, please type in the ID number of the account that you will use with the indicators in “Order Notes”.


  1. radu.serse

    This is surely one of the best VWAP indicators for MT4!

  2. Leonard Tudor

    The best and professional tool for MT4, there is no better VWAP in MQL ! Thanks !

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