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ATT Volume and Market Profile (MT4)

95.00 / year


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  Volume Profile and Market Profile Indicator / TPO, with very unique features for MT4. In the development of this indicator we had collaborated with professional traders to adapt this indicator for every need of a professional or a beginner trader. Also, we took our inspiration from PRO trading platforms, this is why our features are unique among other Market Profile indicators on MT4 . The indicator comes with features like LETTER EXPANSION with a double click on the histogram, but also with more fascinating and unique features on MT4, that are putting this indicator at the highest level.   Some of the unique features are:
  • Session Composite, or session merging: Possibility to merge sessions in 2 ways : Only same type of session hours OR all sessions merge.  Available both for MP and or VP.
  • Chart Stretching : with a click of a button you have the possibility to stretch your chart for a better visibility. This option will not get in to conflict with other indicators in use on the chart.
  • Hide/Sow Sessions : If you are using multiple sessions on the chart but you need to hide one of them for some reasons, you can do that only with by pressing a button displayed on chart.
  • On chart control buttons: All the options above can be activated with on chart buttons. Also, there is a reset ALL button.
  • Auto Volume Profile : Your Volume Profile displayed on the LEFT or the RIGHT side of the chart will always be updated for the last number of days that you prefer.
  • Session Volume Profile : You can choose to see Volume Profile Histogram on sessions, instead of MP.
  • Naked MP: With the TRUE/FALSE option you can choose to hide or show letters from the chart.
  • Automated drawing of value area zones : With only a click of a button you can have the value area zones drawn on the chart.
  Fast thinking = Fast execution = Better results For this indicator you will get 2 unique licences keys, according to your desired accounts. If necessary, you will get an additional activation after changing accounts or brokers (proof required). The licenses are available for 365 days.   *At the checkout page, please type in the ID number of the account that you will use with the indicators in “Order Notes”.

2 reviews for ATT Volume and Market Profile (MT4)

  1. radu.serse

    Definitely a 5 star indicator! The features of this indicator surpass even the ones from professional trading platforms.

  2. Leonard Tudor

    The best and professional tool for MT4, there is no better MP & VP in MQL ! Thanks !

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