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ATT Mentor Eye PRO(MT4)

105.00 / year


Advanced  Money Management and Trading Panel with the following features:

  • On chart note: taking notes on the trading chart, without disrupting the attention by watching a secondary monitor for taking notes and, will keep you focused for fast execution.
  • Automated lot size calculator: With this indicator, you can automatically calculate the lot size of a position based on the stop loss and the %(or amount of money) you want to risk on a trade.
  • Scale in/out/BE feature: The indicator gives you the option to scale in/out and BE of a position with a volume in percentage relative to the first trade. You will find in the video more details.
  • Pending orders: There is the possibility to put pending orders directly using the indicator.
  • Fixed RR: You have the option to select TP in relation to SL size, that is appearing as rectangles on the chart.
  • Design features: You can customize the panel colors with multiple options.

Fast thinking = Fast execution = Better results

For this indicator, you will get 2 unique license keys, according to your desired accounts. If necessary, you will get an additional activation after changing accounts or brokers (proof required). The licenses are available for 365 days.

Please see the installation guide video, for more information about the indicator.


*At the checkout page, in order to receive the license, please type in the ID number of the account that you will use with the indicators in “Order Notes”.


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